A Great Day Riding Bikes In N.H. With The Boys

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Tuesday we took off for a great day of riding in N.H. Kent H. and I drove up to Franconia Notch to meet some good friends for a few hours on the bike.  We drove up Monday night after work at the store and  stayed at the Mount Coolidge Motel in Lincoln. I highly suggest you check it out if ever you are headed to that area. It’s not very often that you find such a great place such as this to lay your head for such a reasonable price.

Kent and I arrived a bit before the rest of our motley crew and headed on down to the brew pub for some good eats . Everyone showed up by eleven-ish and after some socializing we all headed back to the motel for some much needed shut eye.

We had planned on being on the bikes by 8 a.m. due to the poor weather forecast that was calling for possible T-storms around noon. We made the decision to ride the Kancamagus Highway counterclockwise and head up Bear Notch Road and come back up through Crawford Notch.

I was a bit unsure of my fitness having ridden indoors for the most part due to an injury but I felt good on the bike and had some great climbing legs for the day!

Luckily we managed to avoid any real crummy weather, we did get some real light drizzle at times but that was the extent of it. At times it was a bit on the windy side especially coming through Crawford Notch where we got hit with a pretty stiff headwind till we hit the climb at the end of the notch.

At the end of the ride we had covered 80 miles in under 5 hours and everyone had smiles on their faces. We had lucked out on the weather, there were no flats or mechanical issues and everyone was in one piece.

80 miles under less than great skies, some honking climbs and some great people .

Sounds like a great day riding bikes in New Hampshire to me.

Check here for our route info…posted by Matty B.

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  1. That was in fact a great ride. Great route, great guys, good weather and good fortune! Can’t ask for more than that. Let’s do it again next year!
    Thanks again,

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