MIPS – Protect Your Melon

Motion Impact Protection System


MIPS stands for Motion Impact Protection System.

It has been scientifically shown to reduce brain trauma in the event of an impact.

MIPS is now found in helmets for cyclists and many other sports where a helmet is warranted.

Watch this short video (thanks to Trek/Bontrager!) for a quick breakdown on how MIPS works..


Protect your melon with a Bontrager MIPS equipped helmet!

Available for adults and kids!

Starting at $64.99.

A Little Safety Goes A Long Way – Stay Safe With A Flare R!

Bontrager Flare R

The first bicycle tail light designed from the ground up for daytime & night visibility.

Introducing the Bontrager Flare R  super light!

With bursts of 65 Lumens, balanced optics, and optimized flash patterns, Flare R maximizes visibility both day and night. Powerful, compact, and rechargeable, Flare R is the first light to be designed from the ground up for daylight visibility.

USB rechargeable for added convenience.

Why is a daylight visible light important?

  • 80% of cycling accidents occur during the day
  • 40% of US cycling fatalities hit from behind
  • Studies show riders overestimate their visibility by 700%

Daytime visible over 2 km!

We can’t say enough good things about this light. It literally could save your life.

If it’s a light set you’re in need of take a close look at the Bontrager Ion 800R / Flare R set.

Also check out the Bontrager Ion 100 R / Flare R City light set for something a bit lower priced.

Currently in stock in store or available online to ship directly to your house with free shipping! Or order online & pickup in store.

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