Shiny Things by Casati

Vola (1st pic)

The “Vola” is their top-of-the-range carbon offering; built entirely in-house and available as a full custom sizing option. Outstanding features of this tube-to-tube constructed beauty are the concealed gear and brake cables, integrated seat pillar and Casati’s distinctive 18K gold head badge. The paint job leaves you in no doubt of its origin.

Marte (mid)

Their latest edition of their top-level “Marte” has an anti-vibration cut-out on the top tube, close to the seat tube junction. The frame is constructed using the more versatile tube-to-tube method as opposed to monocoque, with the integrated aero seat pillar another outstanding feature. The bike also sports the latest Fulcrum/Campagnolo chainset.

Laser Carbon (Last pic)

Casati always excel in the quality and finishing department and their 2008 “Laser Carbon” is no exception. Built from EOM 16.5 steel top and down tubes, with a carbon seat tube and rear stays, is entirely custom-built to rider measurements.

Can you say drool factor ?

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