Big Wheels Keep On Rollin’

2009 Fisher Xcaliber

Gary Fisher is widely considered to be the godfather of mountain biking. He is also looked at as having brought the big wheels 29 inch mountain bike to the forefront of our industry.

For 2009 Fisher has once again raised the bar in the 29er world. With all new designed frames, custom forks from Fox and tweaked geometries the latest batch of G.F. 29ers are truly at the head of their class.

One thing that has plagued the 29er platform in some peoples eyes has been poor standover height and sometimes sluggish steering in certain conditions. With the latest addition of Fishers these two things have been taken out of the equation. Standover height has been much improved and more importantly the patented G2 Fisher geometry has been significantly improved with the addition of customized Fox forks. Fox and Fisher worked together to increase the low speed steering issues that had previously been a 29er’s nemesis by changing the fork offset . This change has given the 29er a very 26er like steering feel in low speed situations as well as maintaining the legendary 29er stability.

So don’t miss out on the next big thing in mountain biking..stop by the shop and check out a Fisher 29er today !

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