Raleigh Heritage

Raleigh will soon be releasing info. on their 2012 line-up that will include several new cyclocross bikes as well as a totally revamped road line . Of course they will continue to create some of the coolest and best value steel heritage bikes you can buy today.

Here’s a cool video that gives some background into Raleigh’s history…

Raleigh Bicycles from NKP Media on Vimeo.

We currently have 2012 info. available if you have any questions.

Budget Steel…And Real Too!

Cool, Quality, Inexpensive….Steel.

Soma SS MTB Frame

Soma Smoothie Frame

Soma 29’r Complete
Soma Smoothie Road Complete

Pake Track Complete

Pake C’muter

Hailing from the west coast U.S.A. are Soma Fabrications and Pake Cycles.

Pronounced : ( Pah-Kay )

Both companies are based around the idea that bikes don’t need to cost thousands to be very cool, comfortable and fun to ride.

Frames from both companies start well below $500 u.s. and come in an array of configurations.

Pake currently specializes in road friendly frames while Soma branches out from Road to MTB to Cross and Track as well as others.

Both companies build with Tange 4130 CrMo .

If you are looking for a new frame and are on a budget you need look no further..these guys have it covered ….looking to update an older bike?

Frames and more currently in stock at Dedham


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