Keep It Clean

Keep Em' Clean !
Getting your bike dirty is great fun , just be sure to clean it when you can !

As we all know, getting your bike dirty can be an incredibly fun thing to do. It hearkens back to our youth in many ways , to those carefree days gone by. There is nothing quite like taking off for a spin knowing that there is a very good chance you and your bike may come back home looking like something that the cat dragged in. Once home you look upon your trusty steed with a look of pride and fulfillment , also with a slight twang of horror when you see what you have done to your once pristine friend.

You see , a clean bike truly is a happy bike. As much fun as we all can have getting them dirty , our bikes like us much better when they are clean and in good running order.

As a pro mechanic and avid bike racer and rider I see both sides of this fence. On one hand I know all too well how much unencumbered fun it is to get one’s bike dirty but I also have first hand knowledge of how an unkempt bike can create all kinds of ugly issues for it’s owner.

I see many folks pull up in front of the store in a pristine vehicle only to pull their once spotless but now muddied bicycle out of the trunk and bring it in for service.

After greeting the customer and chatting for a bit we get down to the real reason they are at Dedham Bike , their bike. Oh yeah , the bike.  The item in many folks lives that can take them away from the riggers of the daily grind , take you back to a time when the only thing that mattered was having fun. For many the one thing that in their mind  gives them a smile and never asks for anything in return. And this is true , a bike will give it’s rider hours and miles and miles of joy until that one day arises and it is the rider’s turn to give back to the bicycle.

For most of us one of the best things about cycling is it’s simplicity , something we can do that doesn’t remind us of the daily in’s and outs. Our bikes become a way to escape without having to do much or put much thought into those few minutes or hours except to turn those pedals. We forget that over the many miles of roads and trails that our bikes are breaking down , slowly but surely. They become dirt and grime covered while giving us so much in return. It is up to us to give back to them and keep them in good running order so that they may give us many more miles of fun.

There is more to being a bike owner than just putting air in the tires and lubing the chain. That is not to say that we need to become slaves to our bikes by any means. But , I feel that it is our responsibility as bike owners to maintain our investment.

Too often do I see folks being neglectful of their bikes and when they do finally break down they are upset and blame the bike , the manufacturer or the shop they bought it from for the bike breaking down. In my 20 plus years of experience as a mechanic I would have to say that 90-95% of most bikes’  failures are as a result of their owners not properly caring for them. We spend thousands of dollars a year maintaining and gassing up our cars but when it comes time to put a few dollars into our bicycles we can’t find our wallets ? But we continue to ask our bikes to respond  under all that grime and dirt , with those balding tires and worn brake pads.

Are you aware that a dirty chain can rob you of 10 % of your pedaling efficiency ?

Did you know that that little shard of metal stuck in your tire casing will eventually find it’s way through into the tube and cause you to flat ?

Did you know that those worn brake pads are becoming a safety issue and are causing your rims to wear out prematurely ?

Did you know that simply by changing out your shift and brake cables every so often how much smoother your bike can run ?

Did you know that by running your chain through a lubricated cloth every couple of rides that you will remove much of the road grime that can build up and lubricate your chain at the same time , extending the life of your drivetrain ?

Most folks would answer no to these questions , and that is where your friendly local bike shop can help.

We are bike mechanics and bike enthusiasts  , we love bikes and we love working on them . We take pride in helping riders give back to their bikes. To us there is nothing better than taking a well ridden , worn down bike and bring bringing it back to it’s former glory.

We can help you help your bike .

Our mantra at Dedham Bike is always Keep It Clean !

Things To Do This Cycling Off Season

Stay Fit This Off Season

In the past cyclists referred to the fall and winter as the “cycling off season”, well that really doesn’t hold true these days.

Off season used to mean to some folks that you put your bike away and don’t pick it up again until the weather breaks but most folks take a different approach today.

In recent years we have learned that if you’re a cyclist there really is no “off season” anymore, there is just a change in the type of training and activities we do.

We now take a different approach to the “off season” by reducing time in the saddle and adding in other off the bike, cross training activities.

In the past you’d put your bike away, put on weight, loose fitness and be generally out of shape come spring and have to start all over again.

That sounds crazy right? Especially after you’ve worked all spring and summer to get fit and fast on your bike.

It’s not that their weren’t options for staying in cycling shape, folks just didn’t look at those options like we tend to now.

So, we’re going to go over some of the fun options and ideas for the new “off season” !


Fat Biking

Fat BikingIf you’re a rider who has the desire to stay on the bike in the winter months, fat biking is just for you.

Fatties allow you to ride year round but their fun quota goes way up when the white stuff starts to fall.

You get saddle time while keeping the pedals turning while putting a huge smile on your face!



Indoor Trainer

Indoor Bike TrainerBack in the day indoor training could be drudgery for most folks.

However with today’s advances in bike trainers and the evolution of smart trainers and their software, indoor training can be a blast!

Get yourself a smart trainer, sign up for  Zwift or Rouvy and get after it!


Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country SkiingCross country skiing is back on the rise.

It’s an amazing aerobic workout that gets you outside while working many muscle groups that you miss on the bike.

If there’s snow on the ground you can just head out your back door onto the local woods or head to a local trail system.


Gym Membership

Gym MembershipGyms have been around for what seems like forever.

Today’s gyms have evolved from just weights and aerobics classes into true do it all fitness centers.

Jump into a spin class or hit up the weight room after a great yoga session. Or go dive into in the pool for some laps!



CrossFitCrossfit is sweeping the nation.

It’s a high intensity, full body workout that helps you build real world strength.

CF gyms are in every town these days with many gyms having CF programs included in their offerings.

Get fit..get Crossfit this cycling off season!



YogaAs we age our flexibility lessens over time.

Cyclists tend to become very tight in the lower back, hamstrings and shoulders from hours of pedaling the bike.

Yoga is a great way to regain lost flexibility and release stress.

Better flexibility leads to more efficiency!


Snow Shoeing

Snow ShoeingMuch like cross country skiing, snow shoeing is a great aerobic alternative to riding the bike this off season.

It works muscles we ignore on the bike to help deal with muscle imbalances created from pedaling.

Strap on a pair of snow shoes and get outside!


Get A Bike Fitting

Bike FittingThe off season is a great time to get a bike fitting under your belt.

By getting fit now you can spend time on the trainer feeling things out and making tweaks before heading out on the road or trail.

Plus many shops offer discount fittings in the winter.


Winter Tune Up

winter tune up

We know this isn’t fitness related but it is bike fitness related.

Getting your bike tuned in the off season gets you set up for the nice weather and can save you money as many shops offer of season tune up discounts.

See our off season winter tune specials!

Summing Up The Off Season

In reality there are many options for cyclists to hold onto hard earned fitness they’ve gained over many miles and hours of riding.

What’s important is that we do something!

Sitting around waiting for spring to arrive is a horrible way to spend the fall and winter.

So, get off the couch and get moving this off season.

Come the spring you’ll be refreshed and chomping at the bit to get that PR you’re after!

If you have any questions or feel we can help you please contact us.

Have fun and take care!




Commuting By Bike – Top 10 Reasons To Go By Bike

Commuting By Bike

Top 10 Reasons To Commute By Bike

Have you given some thought to riding your bike more or even commuting by bike to work or school via bike?

Well, if you have already started taking steps to commuting by bike bravo to you!

If you haven’t started yet but are thinking about it here’s a list of reasons why you may want to get started go by bike.

#1- Did you know that 40% of trips from your house are under two miles?

  • Two miles! Think about how many times you could have jumped on your bike for a quick ride  instead of the car.
  • Imagine how much gas money you would have saved over the course of a year!

#2 – In 2003 cars stalled in traffic wasted 5 billion gallons of fuel.

  • 5 billion gallons of fuel! Stalled in traffic…that’s just crazy.
  • If we all rode our bikes to work one day a week, imagine what a difference that would make.

#3 – Despite the fact that cyclists breathe two to three times more air than motorists, motorists breathe about 60% more carbon monoxide and significantly more pollutants than cyclists.

  • While we’re sitting in traffic wasting gas in our cars we’re actually breathing in tons of pollutants and carbon monoxide.
  • What is that doing to our bodies?

#4 – Did you know that you can park 14 bikes in the space you can park one car?

  • Yep, that’s right 14 bikes for 1 car.
  • Imagine what that would do for congestion in downtown city areas.

#5 – When you ride your bike to work or school you don’t have to pay for parking!

  • How much money do you spend on parking in the city or at school campuses etc. each year?
  • Take the bike and save some money!

#6 – Take your bike on the train?

  • If you feel your commute by bike is too long to pedal you can always take your bike on the commuter rail to a point closer to work or school and ride from there.
  • Be sure to check with your local train transportation service to see what their policies on bringing bikes on their trains are.

If you’re in Massachusetts look here for bike/train policies.

#7 – In general biking to school and works saves you money!

  • By now we know that commuting by bike saves money but do you know how to figure out how much you can save?
  • We’ve got a basic money saving calculator here….

#8 – Commuting by bike is much more healthy and better for your body!

  • Did you know that a 140 pound cyclist can burn 500 calories an hour pedaling at 14 MPH?
  • Cycling has been shown to reduce overall stress and anxiety.
  • Folks who ride have been shown to get more quality sleep and are better lovers!

#9 – Just 3 hours of cycling a week can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by as much as 50%.

  • Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize there is nothing bad about this figure…

#10 – It’s more healthy for our kids too!

  • Kids who participate in sports do better in school.
  • Children who walk or ride their bikes to school have less chance to be overweight and have a much lower chance of getting Type 2 diabetes.

Kids who get more activity fall asleep faster at night…

  • For every hour a child sits during the day, they need three minutes longer to fall asleep at night. Short sleep duration is associated with obesity and lower cognitive performance.

More sleep equals more downtime for parents too!

  • So in a nutshell we should all consider commuting by bike more often, even if it’s a day or two a week.

We can all benefit from more saddle time and our wallets can too!

Bike Commuting Pointers And Excuse Busters

  • If you’re still not sure if commuting by bike is for you or you’re coming up with excuses not to ride in here’s a list of good excuse busters.
  • If you’ve made the decision to get on the bike and give it a shot but aren’t really sure where to start here’s a good list of bike commuting tips and tricks to get you rolling.
  • So your feet get cold in the chilly weather? Check out these excuse busting winter biking boots.
  • Keep your bike in good running order with a periodic tune up.
  • Carry some cash on you for the occasional coffee stop or bite to eat or in worse cases..a cab ride home.
  • Ride with a bag packed with a change of clothes, rain gear and essential tools.
  • Buy a good bike lock and use it! You want to protect your bicycle from thieves.

Bike Commuting Safety Suggestions

  • High visibility clothing should be a must
  • Daytime running lights should be used to increase daytime & night time visibility
  • Be sure to have an i.d. and an in case of emergency (ICE) contact info on you. This is in the event of a medical emergency, first responders etc. would be able to contact someone for you and alert them of the situation.
  • If you’re riding on the road’s edge, wearing headphones while riding is not suggested. You cannot hear oncoming cars and overtaking riders. Good bike lights help here too!
  • While riding on heavily trafficked bike paths or city streets a quality bike bell is a good idea to let pedestrians and other riders you are in their vicinity.
  • Always obey the rules of the road while riding. Yes, you are on a bike but many of the same rules that apply to motor vehicles apply to cyclists as well.
  • To find your state’s rules of the road look here…


For more great info and to get involved join People For Bikes


Have fun and be safe!



How To Get Into Mountain Biking

Getting Into Mountain Biking

So, you’re looking to get into the awesome sport of mountain biking?

Well my friend you’ve made a great decision!

Mountain biking is incredibly fun and it’s great for fitness and mental well being.

Going off road with your bike makes you feel like a kid again, it always puts a smile on your face.

Riding over roots, rocks and dirt is both challenging and rewarding and leaves you with a real sense of accomplishment when your ride is done.

In order to get in the woods there’s a few things you will need to give thought to, some are obvious and some are not.

#1 A Reliable Mountain Or “Trail Bike” & Accessories

When you start looking into getting your first mountain bike there are a few things you’ll need to think about in regards to the bike itself.

What’s your budget for both bike & accessories?

In today’s market you can get a good starter trail bike starting at about $400 although we suggest bumping that up a bit to the $800 to $1000 range.

Starting at $400 you’ll most likely get a mechanical disc brake equipped bike with an entry level drive-train and basic suspension fork. The Trek Marlin 4 gets the wheels turning right at $400.00.  The Marlin 7 clocks in at $750 and gets an upgraded shock, drive-train & hydraulic brakes. Check out this video from Trek outlining the Marlin series. ( Thanks Trek!)

Once you get into the $800 plus range the X-Caliber series bikes take over. You’ll gain a better hydraulic disc brake, better tires, a much upgraded drive-train and a much more durable and higher performance front shock & upgraded frame. At $999.99 the X-Caliber 8 is value packed! Here’s another sweet video from Trek breaking down X-cal. (Thanks Trek!)

On top of the bike you’ll need to budget for the several of these accessories

Bike Helmet (must have)  $50 – $150

 Riding Gloves (must have)  $30 – $50

                                               Hydration (must have)  $20 – $15

Floor Pump (must have)  $40 – $100

      Flat Repair / Mini Pump & Tools (must have)  $50 – $100

  Cycling Shoes & Clipless Pedals (optional)  $150 – $300

Assorted Bike Clothing (optional)  TBD

Bike Lights (optional – must have at night) $50 – $300

#2Where will you go shopping for your bike?

When you begin the shopping process most folks will likely start searching the internet for a mountain bike buyer’s guide and suggestions as well as product reviews and videos.

These are all useful resources from a basic information standpoint but nothing beats talking to an expert at your local bike shop.

At the shop you’ll be able to ask questions directly to a staff member who rides and get a direct answer from them.

Ask Questions such as…

-How do I know what frame size should I be riding?

-What wheel size would they suggest?

-What features they would suggest based on your intended use.

-A suggested price range based on the question above. (this will effect what type of bike    you’ll want to look at – hardtail vs. dual suspension etc.)

-What bike do they ride? And why?

-How did they get into riding?

-Why can’t you just go to a big box store to save some money?

(there are many reasons why you should not keep Big Box Stores as an option – serious safety concerns being the main one!!)

**Talking to a trained expert & rider at your local bike shop is the biggest resource    you have as someone looking to get into mountain biking!!

#3 Do you have a brand in mind?

Many folks get overwhelmed while doing their research as to what brands to look at.

At Dedham Bike we are huge fans of Trek & Cannondale Mountain bikes but we are also the first to admit that there are several other great bike brands out there.

No one company can be the best at everything all the time.

All the major brands are making really good bikes right now, no one brand is the best!

Today’s starter mountain bikes are incredible values for the amount of bike you receive even at the most entry level prices, in fact the value has never been higher!

We will help you decide which bike is best for you knowing that the bike we will suggest is a very high quality product & a great value!

We partner with brands that produce very high quality products but are also winners behind the scenes in regards to service & communication.

What really matters most is where you buy your bike!

You Bought Your New Mountain Bike – Now What?

Congrats on getting your new bike!!

Now you’re probably wondering what do I do now?

What should I do on my first off road ride?

Well, the world is your oyster as they say…

A mountain bike can go anywhere you can pedal it really!

But what you really want to do is go riding in the woods right?

Do you know where your local trails are?

If you’re like most folks you probably don’t know where to go to find the local trails.

Here’s a few tips on how to find off road trails near you.

  • A great place to start is by asking the shop guys where you bought your bike where their favorite riding spots are.

– Join a local trail advocacy association like NEMBA or IMBA – Two great resources for local trail maps etc.

– A Couple More Things

  • Try and hook up with a local group ride that fits your fitness and skill level – don’t be afraid to jump in with a crew that is a bit above your level from time to time – it’s a great way to become a better rider!
  • Above all be safe! Wear that helmet – bring your phone – hydrate & eat – let someone know where you are riding if you’re solo!!

All Of This Begs The Question – How Will You Ride?


Thanks To Trek Bikes For This Rad Video!

Winter Service Specials

winter service specials

Well folks it’s that time of the year again. (Winter service specials generally run from mid – November until spring. Please call us with any questions)

If you’re planning on commuting on your bike this winter you’ll want to take advantage of this offer too!

The time when we start thinking spring and all the great riding we’re going to do this season as well as the cool new places you’ll go.

It’s time to inspect your bicycle and gear to make sure they are ready to roll for the upcoming season.

Sitting around idle is one of the worst things for your bike. Things get stale, lubricants and tubeless sealants dry up and can’t do their jobs properly.

As the saying goes ”  a clean bike is a happy bike

For these reasons we run our Winter Service Specials to save you some money and get your rig ready for the spring.

  • Don’t have a backup bike to ride in the winter? Check out a cool fat bike!

Come in and save on service and repair and upgrade parts for a limited time.

We hope to see you soon!



Bontrager OMW Winter Riding Boots

We just received our first pair of the new Bontrager OMW Winter Riding Boots.

Bravo to Bontrager!

These things look and feel awesome!

No more excuses to ride in the cold when it comes to foot comfort and warmth.

The OMW is the perfect winter commuting or Fat Biking boot!

They are SPD compatible but due to their Vibram rubber souls they can be run on flats.

Available to order now.

Covered by Bontrager’s 30 Day Unconditional Ride Guarantee.

Bontrager OMW Winter Riding Boots


•inForm Tundra last – roomier high-performance fit for thicker socks
•Bronze Series Composite sole – Nylon composite with full Tachyon Rubber outsole and SPD compatibility
•Waterproof main zipper with 2-strap hook and loop closure system
•Stiffness index 6
•Fleece-lined removable inner bootie with 200g 3M Thinsulate insulation
•4-way stretch upper with waterproof breathable OutDry membrane
•Anti-draft, elasticized ankle cuff with toggle-cord closure
•GnarGuard – Outer protection against trail brush and debris

Trek Project One

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have a custom paint scheme on your bike?

Perhaps even have your name or the name of a loved one on your bike?

Enter Trek’s Project One Custom bike program.

With P1 you can pick colors and parts to build your ultimate bike!

Available for road and mountain bikes.

Dream big and build bigger!

We’re here to answer any questions you may have!

MIPS – Protect Your Melon

Motion Impact Protection System


MIPS stands for Motion Impact Protection System.

It has been scientifically shown to reduce brain trauma in the event of an impact.

MIPS is now found in helmets for cyclists and many other sports where a helmet is warranted.

Watch this short video (thanks to Trek/Bontrager!) for a quick breakdown on how MIPS works..


Protect your melon with a Bontrager MIPS equipped helmet!

Available for adults and kids!

Starting at $64.99.

Trek FX – Fitness Made Simple

Over the past handful of years we’ve been seeing a shift in what folks want out of their bikes. Fun to ride, light weight and easy to use are among the key phrases heard from our customers when speaking with them regarding what they want from their next set of wheels.

Well, enter the FX series from Trek…Trek FX In Stock Now! #TrekFX #Trekbikes


If pavement rides aren’t your thing and you’re looking to go off road but don’t know where to start we can help…

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