Winter Service Specials

Save big on winter bike maintenance

Well folks it’s that time of the year again. (Winter service specials generally run from mid – November until spring. Please call us with any questions)

If you’re planning on commuting on your bike this winter you’ll want to take advantage of this offer too!

The time when we start thinking spring and all the great riding we’re going to do this season as well as the cool new places you’ll go.

It’s time to inspect your bicycle and gear to make sure they are ready to roll for the upcoming season.

Sitting around idle is one of the worst things for your bike. Things get stale, lubricants and tubeless sealants dry up and can’t do their jobs properly.

As the saying goes ”  a clean bike is a happy bike

For these reasons we run our Winter Service Specials to save you some money and get your rig ready for the spring.

  • Don’t have a backup bike to ride in the winter? Check out a cool fat bike!

Come in and save on service and repair and upgrade parts for a limited time.

We hope to see you soon!



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