Things To Do This Cycling Off Season

Stay Fit This Off Season

In the past cyclists referred to the fall and winter as the “cycling off season”, well that really doesn’t hold true these days.

Off season used to mean to some folks that you put your bike away and don’t pick it up again until the weather breaks but most folks take a different approach today.

In recent years we have learned that if you’re a cyclist there really is no “off season” anymore, there is just a change in the type of training and activities we do.

We now take a different approach to the “off season” by reducing time in the saddle and adding in other off the bike, cross training activities.

In the past you’d put your bike away, put on weight, loose fitness and be generally out of shape come spring and have to start all over again.

That sounds crazy right? Especially after you’ve worked all spring and summer to get fit and fast on your bike.

It’s not that their weren’t options for staying in cycling shape, folks just didn’t look at those options like we tend to now.

So, we’re going to go over some of the fun options and ideas for the new “off season” !


Fat Biking

Fat BikingIf you’re a rider who has the desire to stay on the bike in the winter months, fat biking is just for you.

Fatties allow you to ride year round but their fun quota goes way up when the white stuff starts to fall.

You get saddle time while keeping the pedals turning while putting a huge smile on your face!



Indoor Trainer

Indoor Bike TrainerBack in the day indoor training could be drudgery for most folks.

However with today’s advances in bike trainers and the evolution of smart trainers and their software, indoor training can be a blast!

Get yourself a smart trainer, sign up forĀ  Zwift or Rouvy and get after it!


Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country SkiingCross country skiing is back on the rise.

It’s an amazing aerobic workout that gets you outside while working many muscle groups that you miss on the bike.

If there’s snow on the ground you can just head out your back door onto the local woods or head to a local trail system.


Gym Membership

Gym MembershipGyms have been around for what seems like forever.

Today’s gyms have evolved from just weights and aerobics classes into true do it all fitness centers.

Jump into a spin class or hit up the weight room after a great yoga session. Or go dive into in the pool for some laps!



CrossFitCrossfit is sweeping the nation.

It’s a high intensity, full body workout that helps you build real world strength.

CF gyms are in every town these days with many gyms having CF programs included in their offerings.

Get fit..get Crossfit this cycling off season!



YogaAs we age our flexibility lessens over time.

Cyclists tend to become very tight in the lower back, hamstrings and shoulders from hours of pedaling the bike.

Yoga is a great way to regain lost flexibility and release stress.

Better flexibility leads to more efficiency!


Snow Shoeing

Snow ShoeingMuch like cross country skiing, snow shoeing is a great aerobic alternative to riding the bike this off season.

It works muscles we ignore on the bike to help deal with muscle imbalances created from pedaling.

Strap on a pair of snow shoes and get outside!

Alpine Skiing

SkiingIf you’re one to enjoy high speeds and the wind in your hair then alpine or downhill skiing may be for you.

It doesn’t pack nearly the aerobic benefits punch that XC skiing does but it will keep you moving and get you some fresh air.

Be sure to get a ski tune up before heading out to the mountains!

Get A Bike Fitting

Bike FittingThe off season is a great time to get a bike fitting under your belt.

By getting fit now you can spend time on the trainer feeling things out and making tweaks before hitting the road or trail.

Plus many shops offer discount fittings in the winter.


Winter Tune Up

winter tune up

We know this isn’t fitness related but it is bike fitness related.

Getting your bike tuned in the off season gets you set up for the nice weather and can save you money as many shops offer of season tune up discounts.

See our off season winter tune specials!

Summing Up The Off Season

In reality there are many options for cyclists to hold onto hard earned fitness they’ve gained over many miles and hours of riding.

What’s important is that we do something!

Sitting around waiting for spring to arrive is a horrible way to spend the fall and winter.

So, get off the couch and get moving this off season.

Come the spring you’ll be refreshed and chomping at the bit to get that PR you’re after!

If you have any questions or feel we can help you please contact us.

Have fun and take care!




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