Value At It’s Best – The Bicycle

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In today’s retail world there are few if any products that represent such a huge value as the bicycle.

What items can you think of that give you such a large return on your money ?

Is there another item out there that can save you money on gas , help you lose weight, make you a healthier person and cut down on your carbon footprint ?

In a world of high priced electronic gadgets and junk food the bicycle has stood the test of time as an object that gets you moving and allows you feel like a kid again every time you get on it.

Cost of ownership and usage is very low when compared to buying lift tickets at a ski area , paying for tee times at the golf course or filling the tank up on your boat or jet ski. Plus none of these activities gives you the fitness advantages of a bike !

Once you make the decision to buy your new bike and accessories you are basically done with the spending aside from a tune-up here or there or the occasional flat tire .

You will not be putting $50 of gas in your bike’s tank every few days and you don’t need a license to ride one!

Insurance , what insurance?

So , still not convinced as to the value of the bike?

Go buy one and see for yourself.

Your wallet and heart will thank you!

A better value cannot be found .

Come see us and we’ll get you headed in the right direction!

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