Kickin’ Back From CX

Yep, I’ll admit it…I’m feeling a bit beat up right now. I’ve spent the past few days since the BRC cross race in Lowell licking my wounds. My body had begun to rebel in several different ways. Some of which were felt during the race in which I pretty much had a meltdown on the 1st lap and then after the race with all kinds of creaks and soreness. Now mind you I’m no stranger to pain and discomfort after many years of being a competitive athlete but I’m thinking I definitely needed a much earned break.

After several years out of competition I threw my hat back in the racing and training arena with full enthusiasm. It resulted in many lbs. lost off my at the time plump self and on the bike fitness that I hadn’t seen in years if ever. After nearly 12 months of training and racing it became plainly apparent to me that I needed to chill for a while. I hadn’t started out the year with intentions of racing CX but I sure glad that I did. I have found my passion for racing again and Cross will be my vessel. There are two more potential races on the calendar …the Ice Weasels Cometh held at Thom P’s family farm in Wrentham looks to be a surefire hoot, I am sure to make that one !

Well, time to head to the gym and try and salvage what’s left of my fitness!

Dedham Bike

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