The end of an era…

The End Of An Era

These past few weeks those of us who followed this year’s Tour De France watched something they may thought they never would have seen . We saw a man who will forever be mentioned as one of the greatest cyclist who ever lived get smashed against the same roads and mountains that made his legend what it is. It was very apparent to this Lance Armstrong fan that after an early flash of days gone by that “greatest race on earth” was going to take it’s revenge on the man who had bested it seven times before. I still have a hard time seeing those images of Lance beaten and battered after his handful of crashes and not think that he may have once again come face to face with his mortality, but still he fought on.

Lance has been a giant in the cycling universe for the past decade and has done so much to build the awareness of our great sport not only in the USA but around the world. His undying efforts to see that cancer is one day not the mass killer that it is today will help to save the lives of thousands if not millions by the time he is done . Livestrong has become not just the name of Lance’s foundation but a way of life for so many people around the world , living the word has inspired millions to become better people and to join Lance’s fight.

I had broken my original yellow bracelet a couple years back and have always kept it in my night-table next to my bed. Watching Lance get knocked down so many times in the past weeks only to rise once again and keep fighting made me go out and get a new yellow bracelet.  I now once again wear that bracelet every day to remind myself to be thankful for every day that I am on this planet , to help others and to never give up regardless of the odds.

All good things must come to an end and all champions must eventually give up the belt. I have a distinct feeling  now that Lance is done with his Tour De France battles he will attack his new endeavors with all the heart that has made him such a great champion. After all , a winner is always a winner and champions never truly fade.


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