Welcome To The Collection !

For 2011 Trek has decided to bring the Gary Fisher line even more into the fold by introducing the Gary Fisher Collection .

Gary Fisher Collection bikes will be built under the Trek logo with special designation going to Collection bikes. Similar to what Ford did with Eddie Bauer model Explorers etc.

Both Gary and the powers that be at Trek fully believe that this full-scale collaboration will give much more exposure to both brands and in turn will give customers even more super sweet bike options to choose from.

The past couple of seasons we have seen massive leaps in technology from both the Fisher side as well as the Trek side. Both brands are industry leaders in many aspects of the cycling world in mountain as well as the road and fitness areas. From 29ers to carbon road bikes and dual suspension it is hard for anyone to deny that whenever the industry’s top brands are mentioned , Trek and Fisher must be part of the conversation.

At Dedham Bike we are very excited about this merging of these two legendary brands and are anxiously awaiting our 2011 bikes . Collection product will start to filter in over the next few weeks with the bulk of the lineup available by this fall.

Be sure to stop by and check out the new Collection bikes or see them on the web at Fisher’s website !

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    1. Hi there , we do not have any 44cm in stock. I can check availability and get back to you if you are still interested ? Let me know. Thanks for reading !

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