Getting Back In The Swing

Well gang it’s been a while since our last post I know. It’s been a crazy summer to say the least. The bike industry saw a summer that it hadn’t seen a quite a while as far as business goes. We had our hands constantly full and were trying our best all season to keep everyone happy and rolling as best we could. Hopefully we achieved that goal.

We’ve had a few changes here this year , obviously the addition of Trek being among the biggest of the changes. As many now know , Lemond is no longer a player and will be replaced by Gary Fisher road bikes..yes I said Gary Fisher. We are pretty excited about what looks to be a strong 1st offering from the King of MTB’s. What many people don’t know is that Gary started his cycling career as a roadie, a quite successful one at that! GF road bikes will start under 1k and will get up to about 2k…keeping things simple to start. Fisher will be offering women’s specific roadies as well as the usual unisex offerings.

We are also very stoked about Trek’s new Project One program. This will allow anyone buying a Trek Madone to totally customize their new is simply a super fun option.

Progress continues on the “Pro Shop”. We are about 75% done with the area itself and it will take some to time to really get it dialed to maximize the space. Now that things are leveling out a bit we’ll have more time to finish it up shortly.

Next in line will be to set up our new fitting studio. I am hoping to get this started in the next week or so’s going to be nice ! So anyone thinking of getting a pro fit done get your name on the list…

2009 products have been filtering in pretty steadily now and some of the new stuff is very cool indead. It simply amazes me that companies can take an already super product and make it better the way they can..very cool indeed.

Lighting season is coming fast guys ! I definitely suggest checking out the new Bontrager lighting options…awesome product at a very reasonable price !

The interest in the new additions has been high…Ciocc, Casati, Torelli, Pake and Soma have been turning people’s heads all summer.

With the coming of cooler weather and shorter days indoor training will become a player soon…check out our line up of indoor training products from CycleOps .

Well guys it’s time to get back into the swing of things after a great summer and let’s get ready for a great fall riding season!

Keep Rolling – The Dedham Bike Crew

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