Borealis Yampa Fat Bike Is A Pure Joy To Ride

We recently got out on a ride on a Borealis Yampa Fat Bike that we had the pleasure of selling and building for a valued customer.

In short let us just say that this bike is a pure joy to ride.

We built her up with a Sram XO kit and HED Big Deal Wheels.

In doing so we were able to keep the bike under 23 lbs!! Yep, you read that correctly. Insane.

The bike is just awesome! It climbs like a race oriented hard tail while descending like a short travel dually. Due to the performance of the bike we would feel comfortable making this our daily rider if we had to pick one mountain bike to own. It just does everything well..and of course it has a big advantage in deep snow that would slow non fatties down.

Borealis Yampa Front Tire
45NRTH Dillinger 5 tires are giant tires with lots of studs!
Borealis Side view
23 Lbs of Fat Bike fun! Isn’t she pretty…

Borealis 1

We just added studded 45NRTH Dillinger 5 tires to this beast! Let’s just say that traction is not an issue!

Have any questions regarding Fat Bikes and related products we sell please contact us and we’ll try to answer your questions.

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  1. Now put a Bluto fork on it and take it out to dominate every trail you can think of. a 25 lb fat bike that will destroy all comers. Then go sell all your 29ers. It’s good to be fat.

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