Lance is back in the saddle, are you ?

Well gang I managed to find my way back to my keyboard after a couple months away. I had to dig it out from under all the “stuff” that accumulated over the holidays. It’s funny how we all can head off in one direction when life etc. seems to want to head there. That’s life as they say..

Is anyone else excited about Lance’s return to the racing world? I know we are as well as most of the cycling community. His coming back has gotten many people excited about riding again as well as thinking more seriously about curing Cancer. On his recent trip to Australia Lance raised several million dollars to help fight the big “C”. The government of Australia has agreed to build a cancer research center that will cost them roughly 35 million big ones. I’d say that’s a very good start to the L.A.F.’s war on the disease that is slated to become the number one killer in the world by 2010.

Love him or hate him I think we all have to agree that the man has a major effect on anyone he comes in contact with. He has given millions of people world wide something that they may previously been missing….Hope. The motivation factor that he brings is unparalled nearly anywhere else that I can think of. He has even managed to motivate me to get off the couch and get the wheels turning towards getting back in race shape.

How many of you have really started thinking about riding yet this year ? Some of us are already back in the saddle again, are you ?

Get those pedals turnin’ !

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