Stop And Smell The Roses

It seems to me that in today’s crazy world it is becoming all too easy to lose sight of what once were our true life’s passions.

We spend so much time trying and working to be someone that we think we should or need to be.

So much time is spent chasing the all mighty dollar or that big promotion at work and at the end of the day many of us feel unfulfilled .

What if we slowed things down for a bit and got back in touch with the simple things in life that once put a smile on our faces ?

Perhaps it is these little passions that make us who we really are and not the things that we have come to believe are the truly important things in life money, wealth , job..material things.

Here’s a great video shot featuring Dr. Allen Lim of cycling fame and founder of Skratch Labs talking about how he slowed his life down and got back in touch with his true self and his bicycle .

Video courtesy of TEDxTalks

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