Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks – Updating An Old Friend

So, we recently had an old dog come in looking for some upgrades and boy did it get some.

It was time to teach this old friend some new tricks…

We took an old Litespeed Arenburg Special Edition and gave it a major makeover.

The frame was sent back to the factory for a strip-down and re-decaling. Once back from the factory she was hung with all new parts.

A 2009 Campy Super Record 11 Groupset kit and Bontrager Aeolus Wheels gave this Old Dog a new lease on life. She shed over 3lbs. of weight while gaining a lot of speed and comfort.

Carbon handlebars , carbon stem, carbon post, bontrager carbon cages…sweet stuff! She’s even got the good ole Garmin strapped on there for good measure. This is one sweet bike.

Do you have an older bike that just needs some upgrading ? If you do we can help! Bring that trusty set of wheels by the shop and we’ll get them up to speed.

Looking to build a ground up custom bike? Let us help…

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  1. And what a ride it is!!!!! I have about 2000 miles on it since the re-hab. I love it! Thanks Matty for the attention to detail. This bike is a rocket.

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