Gas Prices For The Loss And The Gain

Hey Gang,

As we all know, gas prices are out of control and only going up based on current reports. Obviously working in the bike industry gives me a jaded view on this subject. But it really is nice to finally benefit from something going on in the economy , but wait…

Coming down the pipe (no pun intended) is a major price hike on all bikes coming out of Asia due to the increasing cost of fuel. Everything from manufacturing to freight is being effected, as well as the cost of raw materials. When will it end? I wish I had a crystal ball…sigh.

In the meantime we can continue to do our part and use other , cleaner and cheaper forms of transportation . The best one at that, the bicycle . Aside from our own 2 feet there really is no mode of transportation that leaves so little footprint on the earth .

And we all know, riding is healthy not only for us but good for the environment. Perhaps someday when we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and turn more to alternative forms of fuel, we will look back at this point in our history and realize just how handcuffed we truly were by petroleum.

Until then..Keep Pedaling !

– The Dedham Bike Crew

Dedham Bike

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