A Little Safety Goes A Long Way – Stay Safe With A Flare R!

Bontrager Flare R

The first bicycle tail light designed from the ground up for daytime & night visibility.

Introducing the Bontrager Flare R  super light!

With bursts of 65 Lumens, balanced optics, and optimized flash patterns, Flare R maximizes visibility both day and night. Powerful, compact, and rechargeable, Flare R is the first light to be designed from the ground up for daylight visibility.

USB rechargeable for added convenience.

Why is a daylight visible light important?

  • 80% of cycling accidents occur during the day
  • 40% of US cycling fatalities hit from behind
  • Studies show riders overestimate their visibility by 700%

Daytime visible over 2 km!

We can’t say enough good things about this light. It literally could save your life.

If it’s a light set you’re in need of take a close look at the Bontrager Ion 800R / Flare R set.

Also check out the Bontrager Ion 100 R / Flare R City light set for something a bit lower priced.

Currently in stock in store or available online to ship directly to your house with free shipping! Or order online & pickup in store.

Borealis Yampa Fat Bike Is A Pure Joy To Ride

We recently got out on a ride on a Borealis Yampa Fat Bike that we had the pleasure of selling and building for a valued customer.

In short let us just say that this bike is a pure joy to ride.

We built her up with a Sram XO kit and HED Big Deal Wheels.

In doing so we were able to keep the bike under 23 lbs!! Yep, you read that correctly. Insane.

The bike is just awesome! It climbs like a race oriented hard tail while descending like a short travel dually. Due to the performance of the bike we would feel comfortable making this our daily rider if we had to pick one mountain bike to own. It just does everything well..and of course it has a big advantage in deep snow that would slow non fatties down.

Borealis Yampa Front Tire
45NRTH Dillinger 5 tires are giant tires with lots of studs!
Borealis Side view
23 Lbs of Fat Bike fun! Isn’t she pretty…

Borealis 1

We just added studded 45NRTH Dillinger 5 tires to this beast! Let’s just say that traction is not an issue!

Have any questions regarding Fat Bikes and related products we sell please contact us and we’ll try to answer your questions.

Updates From Trek – 2014 Trek World

Each year about this time Trek holds their dealer meetings and product introduction sessions.

Trek World as it’s called did not fall short of super exiting for those of us who love Trek bikes!

With exiting new colors and models we are very excited about the new offerings from the big T.

With major updates and upgrades to most every bike in the lineup we think you will be stoked too!


Read more here…

Introducing Electra At Dedham Bike


Electra makes amazing townies, cruisers and city bikes you'll love!Electra bicycles brilliant sense of style and purpose is reflected in every bicycle they build. Since their early days they’ve pushed the envelope with the finest cruisers, and comfort and commuting bikes. You’ll always find cutting-edge designs and the finest materials and technologies, too. Electra’s beautiful rides are engineered, designed and crafted to be enjoyed, ridden and treasured.

Click to enlarge!In the old days cruisers were cool-looking yet often heavy and best for short cruises around the neighborhood. Electra’s original modern cruisers are an update of the classic designs that defined American bikes in the 40’s and 50’s. They kept the cool style and attitude and discarded the weight and lack of maneuverability going with unique new styles, lighter materials, engineering a better frame with their Flat Foot Technology, and then adding state-of-the-art components. So now you can love the classic look of your bike and ride comfortably for any distance enjoying your classic Electra

Click to enlarge!Electra has taken cruiser design to the next level, too. Their paint jobs are rich and unique so you stand apart. Their ingenuity doesn’t stop with the paint, either. It’s carried over to the accessories and components. For example, their spring-cushioned seats, flared fenders and chainguards complement the meticulous finish. And, the whitewall tires, painted rims and sweeping handlebars add a touch of class to every bike.

Swing by soon and we’ll get you rolling on your own Electra bike!

CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Impressions

Well here we are again Mr. Winter…

Too cold for riding outside? Riding inside can be fun!
Too cold for riding outside? Riding inside can be fun!

For many cyclists this means less time on the bike or no time for some folks.

In our prior post regarding indoor trainers/training we made a good case for why in today’s world you shouldn’t be able to continue to ride your bike , albeit indoors.

Since our last post we have spent time using another one of our CycleOps trainers which has become our favorite go to trainer when riding indoors these days.

The Jet Fluid Pro by CycleOps has indeed become the trainer which we spend most of our time on these days.

Jet Fluid Pro Trainer By CycleOps

It is a fluid based trainer but with a better resistance unit on it than the Fluid 2.  We feel it offers a smoother , real world ride and maintains a constant power curve even after long rides where other less expensive trainers begin to change resistance with ride time when you don’t want them to.

In a nutshell(from CycleOps):

Road-Like Performance, Pure and Simple.

Powertuned Technology provides the perfect balance between the most realistic power curve and a precision balanced flywheel for sustained efforts and accelerations. Simply shift into the big ring for added resistance, just like out on the road, and let the JetFluid Pro prepare you for all the challenges of the upcoming season.

We designed the resistance units to be quieter and produce a more consistent power curve unit to unit, plus have extended bearing life.

How the Resistance Unit Works

  • PowerTuned flywheel creates higher inertia for a ride that’s like being out on the open road. Chamber and impeller allows for optimal fluid distribution for a smooth and quiet ride.

Cooling Airflow Design

  • Our patented design channels 100% of intake air to efficiently cool the resistance unit and maintain a consistent power curve.

Precision Balance

  • Individually precision balanced fly wheel eliminates “dead weight” and maximizes inertia.

Already have a trainer and are looking for some help setting it up or tweaking your setup?

Helpful Tips And Hints :

Newer CycleOps trainers are now using their patented Clutch Knob system:

CycleOps Pro Series trainer instructional set up video:

CycleOps classic trainer set up video.

Thanks to CycleOps for these great instructional videos!

Please let us know if we can help with any of your indoor training questions.

Here’s some indoor training basics.

Some of our favorite indoor workouts are here.

If riding inside gets old come check out a fat tire bike!

Happy pedaling!


Fat Bikes Are Fun!

2014 Trek Farley Fat Bike
2014 Trek Farley Fat Bike

Well they are here to stay with their giant fatty tires designed to tame deep snow and sand.

And by they we mean Fat Bikes!

Yep , what started as a garage made winter project in parts unknown has become one of the fastest growing segments in the bike industry in recent months. Originally designed as a deep snow/sand machine they have morphed into an all around fun bike to ride. With several makes and models and countless after market accessories and parts available many folks are getting on the bandwagon to fun town and getting themselves a fat bike.

Trek recently released the Trek Farley , a reasonably lightweight aluminum offering a nice value package that will more than do the trick. Being situated in Wisconsin , an area that sees the very harsh side of winter Trek has a good grasp on what makes a good fat bike fat as you will see in the Farley.

So come check out what the buzz is about if for no other reason but to quench your curiosity , you may want to roll a fatty…

More fat bikes here..

Surly Moonlander
Surly Moonlander

Livigno Italy – Hans Rey Style!

If you’ve been around the world of mountain biking long enough you will have heard of the legend Hans “No Way” Rey.

Hans ripping it up in Italy on his blinged out MTB.

Hans is one of the pioneers of mountain biking , the guy we grew up with watching his amazing riding skills and saying ” no way that dude just did that!!”..well he did it.

Hans took YouTube trials sensation Danny Macaskill to northern Italy to show him how cool the riding is up there.

Here’s a cool video courtesy of GT Bicycles of their time in Italy.


It’s great to see Hans still at it after all these years , he still inspires us all to get out and ride!

Trek Domane & Cancellara Are A Win Win!

This past weekend of Fabian Cancellara of Team Radioshack / Leopard / Trek won his second Tour Of  Flanders, one of the fabled spring cobbled classics.

He did so while riding his Customized Trek Domane and by putting in a vicious attack on the Paterberg climb.

Congrats to Fabian and his teammates on a great victory , and congrats to Domane for proving it is one of the true “super bikes” available today!

Some video footage of Fabian’s attack to get the gap that won him the race.

Video footage of the final kilometers of the race..GO FABIAN!

Come see and test ride a Trek Domane today!

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